Comfort and Fun all Wrapped Up

The perfect baby towel wraps

Adorable animal designs add fun and laughs at bath time, by the pool, or just crawling on the floor. Get yours today!

Baby Bath Towels

Bath time is a great opportunity to have fun and bond with your baby. Especially while they are young, bath time is a great time to share in a fun activity with your child. Once bath time is finished, keeping your baby’s skin clean and dry is important. Finding baby bath towels that are made with gentle cotton terry cloth and velour not only helps absorb water, but also is soft and comfortable to the touch. Wrapping your baby in clean comfort or wrapping the bath towel around them surrounds them with plush comfort. Our baby bath towels come in fun animal designs, with hoods that children find fun to wear. The challenge of keeping the towel on after your baby is ready to crawl and walk around is made easier when the baby bath towel gives them a fun and creative animal to dress up in! You’ll make a splash with our selection of hooded baby bath towels. They make great baby gifts, too!

Toddlers age three and under are a very fun age, when mobility is increasing and bath time graduates to pool, beach, and splash park time, too! The opportunities to make bath time a special time of bonding between parent or grandparent and child are endless. And what better way than to add fun and creative toddler bath towels to the mix? Our toddler bath towels all come in fun animal designs, from alligators to koala bears, baby chicks to unicorns and more! Not only are our toddler bath towels soft and absorbent, children have fun crawling and running around in them, too. Each toddler bath towel features a hood that comfortably fits over your child’s head, protecting from sun or cold, and helps it stay on when they go mobile. It’s the perfect accessory for “dress up time,” too. Made from soft and absorbent terry cloth on one side, and velvety velour on the other, your toddler will enjoy their towel long after bath time has ended.