Penguin Baby Wrap



Available for wholesale orders only.

  • Cute Animal Design – Fun for baby to dress up.
  • Babies & Toddlers – Fits up to 36 months.
  • Dimensions – 32.2″ wide x 23.6″ high.
  • Baby Safe – CPSIA certified.

HOODED TOWELS FOR BABY! Bath time is so much more fun when there’s a plush, animal detailed towel wrap for baby to cuddle up in! Velour terry cotton is super soft and extra absorbent, perfect for fresh-from-the-bath baby. Fabric is 100% Cotton Velour, machine washable and tumble dry low.

ANIMAL BABY TOWELS Fun animal features on the hooded towels include three-dimensional face and ear details on the hood, and a cute tail on the bottom of the towel. Whether your little one loves bunnies, teddy bears or even dinosaurs – we have a hooded bath towel for every baby!

COTTON VELOUR BATH TOWELS 100% cotton towel wraps are soft to the touch, perfect for wrapping your little one in plush comfort. Extra absorbent towels are great for bath time, and are also perfect for trips to the beach, the pool – or anytime there’s water fun!

CERTIFIED SAFE Our lightweight fabric is soft to the touch and certified safe by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Baby Towel Wrap Highlights

Terrycloth Interior

Velour Exterior

Animal Designs

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DEIGO Baby is Family Owned. Made for Families. By Families.

We are a family-owned Japanese company that specializes in safe and functional baby products. We get our ideas for new lines directly from our network of experienced mothers, looking for the safest baby products on the market. As part of DEIGO Baby’s mission of philanthropic commitment, we donate a part of our sales to the Water Aid program for babies and children who don’t have access to clean water.


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We offer a wide variety of fun animal designs for your baby towel wrap.

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Your baby is a crawling, wiggling, cute photo opportunity at every turn. And bonding with your baby creates some of the best moments you and your baby can enjoy. In our opinion, there is no better option than to wrap them in the softness of an adorable baby bath towel. Our baby bath towels are perfect for after-bath warmth, and each is designed with a hood that helps keep your baby’s head warm and dry. In addition, the animal designs that inspire each of our baby bath towels make them great for anytime fun, too! Featuring a CPSIA-certified chest clasp, the towel wrap will stay on your baby as they crawl around and explore their world. From the alligator to the baby chick, as well as the koala bear, unicorn, dinosaur and more, you will have an endless variety of baby bath towels that create cute moments for your baby. It’s melt-your-heart cuteness, guaranteed! One tip: be sure to buy more memory for your camera! You’ll need it to capture all the adorable looks your baby will have in our baby bath towels.

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Toddlers up to age three will have endless fun playing dress up as their favorite animal in our toddler bath towels! As children become more mobile and explore their world, bath towels are a great way to not only provide soft comfort and warmth, but also help enable their imaginations to run wild, too! Our animal-inspired toddler bath towels come in a wide variety of animal designs: from the charming baby bear to the adorable bunny, we also have the lion, penguin, and baby seal, too. Each design features cute details like eyes, nose and even tails. Made with soft cotton terrycloth and cotton velour, they provide warmth and comfort whether your toddler is fresh out of the bath or sitting poolside or at the beach. Each toddler towel is CPSIA-certified safe, too, with a chest clasp that helps keep the towel wrapped around their body and a hood that helps prevent heat loss and sun protection, too. There is nothing like the giggling fun that comes from bonding with your toddler. And these toddler bath towels will ensure you have a great many photo-worthy moments to capture as you make memories with your child.