Do Toddlers Need Special Towels?

Elements to consider when selecting the right towel for your toddler.

September 2, 2022

There’s no doubt that life with a toddler can be fun and full of surprises. From taking their first steps to their never-ending curiosity, it’s a time of exploration and growth. And that can sometimes get messy, making bath time a daily event. All these factors lead to the question, do toddlers need special towels?

Towel Size Matters for Toddlers

Considering the average toddler stands about 30 inches tall and weighs about 28 pounds, it’s no surprise they need a smaller towel than an adult.

While normal-size adult towels can work on drying off a child/toddler, they are often too large to wrap a baby or toddler easily. Most adult-size towels are 28″ x 53″, while a toddler bath towel measures 32″ x 24″. Every inch counts for little ones just gaining their “sea legs.” A smaller towel weighs less, is easier to wrap them up, and helps them avoid tripping over the towel as they crawl or walk.

Toddler towels are less heavy than adult-size towels, making them easier for your little one to carry around and take with them. Further, ones with a hood and a snap enclosure stay in place without having to wrap and tie an oversized towel, only to have it come undone and fall off moments later.

Absorbency Is Key

In addition to being the right size, toddler bath towels must be absorbent enough to soak up the water in their hair and bodies.

Choosing a soft, absorbent towel will help make bathtime more pleasant for everyone by drying them off quickly and keeping them warm. And choosing one made with extra soft material helps ensure that the delicate skin of little ones doesn’t get irritated.

While adult-sized towels are absorbent, they aren’t always as soft as you might like for your child’s skin. A toddler wrap made of the softest, most durable materials will help keep your baby’s skin healthy and free from towel-related irritation.

Toddler Bath Towels Are Multifunctional

What child doesn’t love to have something that does double duty? Regarding bath towels, that means finding one useful for more than just drying off.

Other fun and creative ways that parents or carers can use a toddler wrap beyond its original purpose are as:

  • Makeshift changing pad
  • Nursing cover
  • Light blanket or coverup
  • Outfit/Costume for photo sessions
  • Lovey or security blanket

For parents of toddlers, having a bath towel that can serve multiple purposes is a game changer. Not only might this make life easier, but it can save space in your linen closet and cut down on laundry.

It can be a makeshift changing pad or nursing cover in a bind. Or, if things get chilly, it can function as a light blanket or coverup at the park or home. And if you love taking pictures of your little one – let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – a toddler wrap makes for the perfect outfit or costume for impromptu or professional photo sessions.

For little ones who grow attached to their “stuff,” a toddler wrap can even serve as a lovey or security blanket. So whether they wear the hooded toddler towel while walking around the house or cuddle with it during story time, it will quickly become a cherished part of their daily routine.

Toddler Towels Fit Better into Diaper Bags And Carry-Ons

For parents, carers, and guardians who are always on the go, carrying a toddler-sized towel makes a lot of sense when you’re away from home.

Smaller and more compact than traditional towels, toddler towels take up less space in diaper bags and carry-on luggage, making them ideal for travel. And since they weigh less than adult towels, they won’t add much extra weight to your luggage. At a time when every pound counts, that’s a big plus.

A towel that can do triple duty as a travel blanket, pool coverup, or light overcoat is a perfect choice for busy families on the go. So whether you run into a spot of rain while running errands or preparing an overnight bag for a stay at grandma and grandpa’s house, having a toddler-sized towel or two is a bright idea.

So, whether doing everyday activities, planning a weekend getaway at the beach, or visiting relatives for the holidays, a toddler-sized towel is a must-have for any trip.

Make Peace At Bath Time

Let’s face it. Sometimes toddlers can be stubborn. Sometimes even the thought of taking a bath can send them running for the hills.

But having a unique, just-for-them towel can help make bath time more fun. And when bath time is more fun, it’s more likely to happen without a fight. And for parents, carers, and guardians, who want to make peace with little ones at bath time, that is worth the price of admission.

When they know at the end of their bath, they get to wrap up in a unique towel that is soft, colorful, and a perfect fit for them, toddlers are more likely to cooperate.

So if taking a bath is a battle of wills, it doesn’t have to be that way. Having the right towel waiting for them can be a fun and easy way to win a bath-averse toddler over to your way of thinking without the fuss, drama, and tears.

For parents and carers who dread the thought of bath time because it turns into a power struggle, a toddler-sized towel may be the answer to your prayers.

The Bottom Line for Toddler Towels

So, to answer the question, “Do toddlers need special towels?”

While the technical answer is that any towel can work on drying off a toddler, it doesn’t have the same practicality, function, and cuteness factor as a toddler-sized towel.

From being more compact and lightweight to having multiple uses around the house and on the go, toddler towels are must-haves for parents of little ones. So if you’re searching for a towel that hits all the checkboxes, a toddler Wrap towel could be the product you didn’t know you needed. It’s the perfect choice for busy families who want to make life easier and fun.

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