What Age Are Hooded Towels For

Helpful tips for selecting the right size towel for your toddler.

September 2, 2022

As a parent or care-giver for a toddler, you’re always looking for products to make life a little more fun and manageable. So, perhaps you’ve heard about hooded towels? They’re a type of towel with a hood attached, and they’re becoming increasingly popular for toddlers. But for what age is using hooded towels best?

Toddlers, Infants and Newborns

When you consider the average newborn, most are pretty tiny! And because of this, you might think a hooded towel would be too big for them. But hooded towels are an excellent option for infants and newborns. Spacious and soft, these fun(ctional) bath towels are perfect for keeping your little one warm after a bath or providing an extra layer of protection from the elements when spending time outdoors.

Infant towels that feature adorable hoods with cute animal designs such as chicks, dinos, alligators, bunnies, and bears are sure to make bath time more fun. And since they’re so large, you can be confident that your baby will be completely covered – no more worrying about their head or neck getting cold.

Toddler Bath Towel Wraps

As it turns out, bath towel wraps are perfect for toddlers too! Many parents say they prefer hooded towels to regular bath towels for their kids aged 0-3 years. The reasons they cite include:

Kids Love ‘Em – Everyone deserves a unique towel that is all their own. With a toddler bath towel wrap, your child can have a hooded towel that is just their size and features their favorite animal.

Easy To Use – Hooded towels are easy to put on and take off. Wrap the towel around the shoulders, and put the hood over their head, and you’re all done – no more fumbling with securing an adult-sized bath towel, trying to keep it in place.

Keeps Them Warm – The hood on a toddler bath towel wrap provides an extra layer of warmth for your child’s head and neck after bath time.

Offers Protection – When spending time in the sun, whether at the pool, beach, or lake, a hooded towel helps keep them dry and protects your child’s head and neck from the harmful UV rays.

Irresistible Designs – Get ready for cuteness overload! Toddler bath towel wraps come in various colors and designs to please any child.

Hooded towels for toddlers are an excellent option for parents or caregivers of children. They’re large and soft, making them perfect for wrapping your little one up after a bath. They also feature an attached hood, which helps to protect their head and keep the towel on their body as they crawl, walk and run.

The Perfect Size For Little Ones

Whether running around the house after bath time or playing at the pool, your toddler will love their hooded towel wrap. Measuring 32.2″ wide x 23.6″ high, there’s enough fabric to swaddle, but not so much it causes a tripping hazard like standard bath towels might.

So if you’re searching for a unique and fun gift for a baby shower or toddler’s birthday, a baby towel wrap is always a welcome choice. And with multiple designs from which to choose, you’re sure to find the perfect one for that special little someone in your life!

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